Saturday, June 26, 2010

An Announcement

It's irregular for me to post on a Saturday, but I'm breaking the routine for an announcement. A special announcement. A scheduling announcement. 

Don't worry. I'm not going away. I am, however, reducing my weekly output. Starting with the coming week, The Whedoning will be switching to a thrice-weekly schedule for the summer (and hopefully not much longer than that). I feel I owe you a brief explanation, after the jump.

I've been enjoying writing these reviews, and it's my fond hope that my small-but-loyal readership is enjoying reading them. But... some other projects are in need of my attention:
  • I intend to relaunch my podcast "The Cloister Room" (of which this blog is ostensibly an offshoot) which has been languishing in a state of indefinite hiatus.
  • And I am (was?) part of a collaborative vlog called Videobloggery with my friend Chris (who I think reads this blog, but never comments), which has been similarly languishing.
  • I'm also talking with the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance to get the ball rolling on an ambitious and labor-intensive ongoing project to better keep track of the humongous community of Doctor Who podcasts.
  • Oh, and I need to make progress at finding some kind of job to replace my temporary one when it expires in September. And depending on where I find a job, I may also need to uproot myself and move.
With all of this going on, I want to avoid putting myself a position where these reviews become a chore. Because, as my parents will attest, I have never been one for doing chores.

We've got some really good momentum going on here at The Whedoning, and I think the best way to preserve that momentum, while simultaneously giving some momentum to those other projects, is to slow down here. This proves I've never taken a physics class in my life. But you get what I mean.

So, starting this Tuesday, The Whedoning moves to a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday schedule (Monday/Wednesday/Friday is sooo boring). This will disrupt the carefully-planned-out schedule, but I'm okay with that if you are. Think of it this way: it means that The Whedoning will go on for longer!

See you Tuesday.

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  1. I know I'll keep on reading no matter what!